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Fest Of All
Music Celebration

Aug 16th And 17th, 2024

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The Fest Of All



Florganoleptic Jams With Plants & Trees

Wild Herbal Tea Walks

Interactive Art Installations

Interactive Wild Herbal Tea Ceremony

Sequoia Tree Planting Ceremony

All Inclusive Open Mic





With Past Acts Ranging From Folk

The Rupple Bros

To Funk

Psychedelic Ghetto Pimpz

And Everywhere In Between

Fire In The Attic



Eric Engblade


Cosmic Knot


Tom Cordle

Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps


Beaver X-ing




Les Older

How It All Began

Coming to life along the beautiful banks of Brooks Creek in Bridgeton, MI.  Fest Of All was born out of a celebration of life and love. The event began as a celebration of life for a lost family friend.  As time went on, the event naturally grew into a festival.  As it gained size, we knew it was time to change the scope of what we were doing.  Thus the Fest Of All - Music Celebration was born.  Incorporating aspects of music, plant music, holistic health, herbalism, yoga and beyond, our focus is to create an positive event that is enjoyable for all ages.

Our goal is to be a positive impact on the community, educating about ways of life and intricacies of nature that are often overlooked.   The aim has always been to create an atmosphere that is conducive towards free thinking, relaxation, education, celebration and a positive over all vibe.   We always strive to cater to an environment that is free of judgement, allowing people to fully embrace themselves in a creative, safe atmosphere; all while listening to great musical entertainment in an outdoor surrounding.

Fest Of All is a cosmic voice for peace.  As it starts here, may it spread to the world!
- P Funk All Star Muruga Booker

Line Up

2023 Fest Of All

Cosmic Knot & Friends
The Florganoleptic
Songs Of The Tree


Muruga Booker's
"Tales From The 
Cosmic Road"

Smoking Dobroleles

Rupple Bros Band

Brigid's Fire

Dinosaur Honey

Beaver X-ing

Space Bar

The Sonic Apothecary

Sandi Bernard

Tom Cordle

Les Older

Jack Elliot

And The Infamous Deer Camp Song

& Friends

Jessica Rottschafer

Chet Corpt


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Brooks Creek Taxidermy.jpg


Miss T's Barbecue





  • Littering

  • Weapons

  • Pets Without Prior Written Approval From The Owners

  • Generators

  • Fires, Chinese Lanterns, Firecrackers, Fireworks

  • Heat-production of any kind in The Pines (smoking, cooking, etc.)

  • Speakers/playing of car stereos/Amplification

  • Recording Devices

  • Laser Pointers

  • Items to sell (no unauthorized vendors)

  • Drones/Unmanned remote control vehicles on festival site

  • Portable Structures in the concert seating area

  • Selfie sticks in performance areas

  • Politically motivated flags or banners

  • Illegal Drugs

Your Ticket (Wristband)

Wear your wristband on your wrist where it can be seen all weekend.  Be careful not to put your wristband on too tightly – they do not stretch.  Persons without wrist tickets (wristbands) will be ejected from the Festival.  If they return, they will be arrested & prosecuted.  Persons with counterfeit wristbands will be ticketed, evicted and prosecuted.


Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 21.  Minors in possession of alcohol will be ticketed, evicted and prosecuted.

Friday Entry – See Main Gate

Friday morning entry to the festival will be at the Main Gate only.  Please consult the parking/line-up map provided with your wristbands.  No parking along the roads leading to the festival site until 9am on Friday morning. The roads must be kept clear so that emergency vehicles, school buses, and our neighbors can get through. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed by the Newaygo County Sheriff Department.

Respect Your Neighbors

Respect your neighbors and your neighbors’ property.  Please report problem behavior to the Fest OF ALL staff.  Problem behavior may result in expulsion from the festival.

No Saving/Reserving Campsites

No saving spaces/campsites.  Please be prepared for this policy to be enforced at this year’s and future years’ festivals.

Although many of us have longstanding campground traditions, saving open spaces for someone arriving later in the day is unfair to those who have gotten here early, suffered through the dreaded wait in line and are ready to set up camp.  To increase your chances of camping in a group arrive early and together.  If it doesn’t work out, chances are you will at least end up nearby each other and maybe even make a few new friends.

Setting Up Camp

As you set up camp:

Do not save/reserve campsites.

Do not block fire lines.

Park all campers and motor homes with either tongue or nose facing toward the road/lane for quickest exit in the unlikely event of an evacuation.

Stay within the farm boundaries.

Do not drive into or through the campgrounds after 9PM.

No generators allowed.

Audio Equipment

The use of stereos, amplifiers, radios, and the generators to power them are prohibited.

Fire Safety

No fires.  The use of heat-producing devices in the Pines is strictly prohibited – very high fire danger! This includes, but is not limited to: charcoal grills, Coleman Lanterns, camp stoves, as well as cigarettes, etc. Ground fires are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. Firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited.



Look for collection barrels around the Festival site. Please take a few extra minutes to clean up your campsite, deposit your trash in the appropriate receptacle, and recycle your recyclables. .

No driving in the campgrounds after 9PM.

If you arrive after 9PM you will be put in Day Parking for the night, but you must be ready by 8AM to move into the campgrounds.  If you know you will be leaving after 9PM, please park in Day Parking.

Weapons Policy

With recent changes in Michigan’s concealed weapons statute, many more people are now legally carrying guns. While there may be circumstances where carrying a concealed weapon is justified, the Fest OF ALL Board of Directors does not believe they have a place at our festival. Accordingly, to promote and maintain a safe, threat and violence free workplace, reduce the potential for threats or violence involving weapons; minimize risks to personnel, customers, and visitors and to protect the organization’s reputation, the board has adopted a policy prohibiting the possession of weapons on festival grounds or at activities sponsored by FEST OF ALL. Persons found in possession of dangerous weapons will be asked to remove them from FEST OF ALL grounds immediately. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the premises. Please leave all weapons at home. Anyone desiring additional information on this or any other policy may speak to a board member at the info tent.

Alcohol/Substance Policy

Underage persons observed in the possession of, or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be referred to Sheriff’s Deputies. Adults who are creating problems will be referred to Staff.  If there is no cooperation or improvement in their problem behaviors, Sheriff’s Department personnel will be notified. The offending person or persons will be evicted. This may include the families or guardians of teens, or all members of any disruptive campsites.  If there are problems with the eviction, they will be prosecuted for any and all applicable violations of the law. Serious or repeat problems will result in persons being permanently banned from the Festival.  Secure your alcoholic beverages and/or coolers when you leave your campsite or Main Stage area.


Unauthorized vending is not allowed at the festival. Offenders will be evicted from the festival, and their merchandise confiscated.


Please keep drumming/drum circles respectful.



Do not bring pets of any kind.  Service dogs must be licensed and tagged by a recognized service animal training program.

in Bridgeton, MI

Hosted by:

We Couldn't do it without our amazing Family and Friends that make this possible every year.

Thank You To Our Incredible Community!!!

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